Saturday, February 20, 2010


I ran across this article on the wonderful, Monsterama blog. Ya'll be sure and go visit this guy, ok !

On Dec. 5, the eve of the feast day of St. Nick, Austrians celebrate Krampus by running across the city in grotesque masks and generally scaring children. This is an extension of the good-cop, bad-cop theory. St. Nick makes his rounds on Dec. 6 rewarding all the good little children, a task which is made easy since Krampus has been out the night before, punishing pretty much the same children with a good switching.

HeHeHe, this picture always makes me giggle! Don't you just love that tongue ? Hmmm, I can think of a few things...

Again, with that sexy tongue...

Watch out, miss thang ! Looks like the boogerman done got your fat ass. I wouldn't be so quick to pull away. Remember, the tongue ?

Spooky !

"...uhhhh, mommie ? i think i just did a stinky in my drawers..."

Check out this really awesome article on Rotten.Com about Krampus:

Click here

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