Thursday, February 13, 2014

1961 Cosmetics Ad, Dark Eyes Lash Brow Darkener

1966 Grooming Ad, Duke Hair Pomade for Men, Handsome Man in Suit Smoking Cigarette

1965 Hair Care Ad, Breck Hair Style-Setting Lotion, "Sports Car Set"

1965 Men's Toupee Ad, Samson's of Fifth Ave Hair Pieces, Featuring Man Smoking Pipe

1965 Ad, Frederick's of Hollywood Glamourland Human Hair Wigs, Sultry Fashions

I need a new wig !

Homosassa Springs, FLA

Homosassa Springs, FLA by srijoseph
Homosassa Springs, FLA, a photo by srijoseph on Flickr.

Easter Egg Color Tablets, 1940's

Blue covered dish

5 by lolie jane
5, a photo by lolie jane on Flickr.

Fire-King ?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Famous french dolls

Famous french dolls by basicjoe
Famous french dolls, a photo by basicjoe on Flickr.

Caprice with original dress, Sophie with original swimsuit, Sophie with original leaflet, Sophie with original coat and hat, Parisienne de Kiraz with original coat and Tadie Muz.