Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blu White

Beret Girl

She wore a raspberry beret, the kind that you get in a second-hand store !


Damn, it's a washing machine and it's dishwaser too. Wonder if I could use it for a bidet too?


Who da fuck wears a bow tied around their wrist when they be cleaning? I mean, 4 real !

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Husband Will Kill Us...

Well honey, that's what you get for ho-ing around ! Just look at the devil-may-care look on her stud's face ! You just know he's only in it for the twice-weekly 'tang...

Two-story Trailors

Is it just me or does these vintage two-story trailors look like they'd be a hoot to live in ? Anybody else have pics of this "showplaces" ?

Old Leg Trouble ?

This ad made me laugh, I know, I'm mean.


I Don't Understand !

Mary- "I don't understand ! Why are you leaving ? I swear I won't eat Taco Bell before anal sex again !"

Jack- "Too late, Mary ! I won't be knocking on your back door again..."

Mary - "Why ? What have I done ? As my mother always said to me, you can't travel a muddy road with getting a little mud on the tires now-n-then!"

Yum ! Cake !

How MaMaw Earned $$$ Back In The "Day"

Wash Yo Cootie !