Friday, February 26, 2010

February Is ?

Black History Month

I can't let February go by without celebrating Black History Month here at Imma Retro Bitch ! Here's some great retro ads form a 1972 issue of Ebony magazine :

How many of us could actually carry off an orange crushed-velvet jacket as well as this guy ? Hmmm ?

Is it me, or do all these women look like Dionne Warwick ?

Man, collars sure were big back then...

Now that is a DRESS !!!!

Do they still make Aftro Sheen ?

I had an aunt that smoked Kents back in the 70's.

Itchy pimples ? ewwwwww !

I have drag queen friends that would kill for that Afro-puff wig !

Duke hair product for men. Butch !

This guy looks like he's fixin' to nail this lady soon as he finishes his CigarLet.

Do yourself a big favorite and go to this great blog: for more vintage African American ads.

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